The cotton flower - a symbol of subtlety and union

The cotton flower symbolizes the most essential material in the textile sector The flower is soft and delicate but the overlaps of the cotton protect the flower and provide it with strength against the wind.

The receptacle provides strength and supports the flower to stay safe.

We at GIZ sincerely believe that similar to the cotton, the labour force is the backbone of the textile industry, which with proper protection, Shurokkha, can take the industry forward.

Decoding the Shurokkha logo

  • The individual petals represent the workers.
  • The overlaps between the petals represent the trade unions providing protection to the workers.
  • The stalk of the flower represents the element of protection, in form of e.g. the overall EII, the employers, the government and other stakeholders working together to keep the employees safe.

Overall the different elements of the flower play a role in providing protection, Shurokkha, to the single petal, i.e. the workers.